maandag 13 augustus 2012

An all in one Macro - Excel Macro beginner

If you have to use excel a lot to create graphs and figures chances are that you have thought to yourself: ‘There has to be a way to automate this…’. And if you’re like me and know your way around Microsoft Office, you have the developer tab enabled and you’ve seen that button record Macro.image
“Ha! my tiresome repetitive tasks are over!” you think to yourself, but if you’re not used to programming in VBA, watch out! here is a pitfall I ran into so you don’t have to:

Trying to do everything in one Macro:

Macro’s so powerful, they can do everything you want. The problem is they need to be told exactly what to do and as a beginner you don’t know the language. (Try asking for directions in French for example and see if you understand the answer). So you have all this power under your fingertips, but no way to (quickly) use it. What I learned as a superficial Macro user is not to try everything in 1 Macro.
For example I had 10 sheets of raw data formatted exactly the same but needed to be set up differently and I wanted a graph plotted of each sheet. Trying to do that all at once resulted in a graph I couldn’t use and a Macro that was so specific it couldn’t be used for other sheets unless I did some serious tweaking. Which I did have the time nor experience for. So I went for the next best thing:
  1. Record a Macro of moving the raw data in the correct format
  2. Create a graph manually
  3. Record a Macro of adding all the titles and getting the correct formatting
This took me 5 minutes to set up and saved me 20. While trying to figure out how VBA took me 2 hours and it still doesn’t work.
So hope this helps you Macro beginners out there.

maandag 19 maart 2012

IOS 5.1 Improves responsiveness of the iPhone 4

I have my iphone 4 for almost one and a half years and it was starting to get sluggish. It was running on IOS 5.0. This resulted in long load times for the camera app and even jittery transition effects when changing homescreen pages. Now I have the 16 GB model and I thought it was due to it being almost filled to the brim with apps and music. But after freeing up 2 gigs it still had the same issues. Now I just upgraded to IOS 5.1 and everything works a smooth as it was in the beginning and even my camera app launches in about 2 seconds.

Bottomline: I like the IOS 5.1 upgrade!

zaterdag 18 februari 2012

Silencing the Smoby “Be Fun” push trike

In my first post on the Smoby Be Fun Trike I wrote that it is generally a good bargain priced tricycle with a handy push rod. The drawback however was that it was seriously noisy. In my second post I did some good ol’ problem analysis and thought of some ways to solve it. So in this final installment, my solution.

First on what do you need:

  • Smoby Be Fun Trike
  • An (old) inner tube of a bicycle tyre.
  • Scissors
  • Ducktape

Seriously that’s all

Noise solution smoby be fun trike 1

So what we are going to do is tape the bicycle tire tube to the wheels of the trike.  You start with measuring the circumference of the 3 wheels and cut the old bicycle tyre in according length. Then tape the pieces of tire tube to wheels using your trusty duck tape and there you have it a whopping 15 db noise reduction (remember that every 3 db the sound level is doubled).

There you have it, a simple solution to an annoying problem and one that can be done in 30 minutes with your basic household inventory. Enjoy!

Note: The picture shows my first solution using only ducktape. This worked for a while but after a few weeks of driving, the tape lost its dampening power. So I decided to add the tube for higher durability and increased noise reduction

donderdag 16 februari 2012

Daniel Daniel – Elly en Rikkert

Na een korte google actie kon ik de akkoorden van dit bekende kinderliedje niet vinden dus bij deze zelf uitgevogeld:

In “G”


G         C
Daniël, Daniël

vertrouw op God,

Hij hoort je wel (2x)

Em           D               C                 G
Als je in de kuil van de leeuwen ligt,

Em               D                    C           G
snoert Hij de muil van de leeuwen dicht.

Al zien ze geel en groen,

ze kunnen je niets doen.

Hoor je ze grommen, ze kijken zo woest,
hun tanden zijn al jaren niet gepoetst.
Ze lusten je wel rauw,
maar God beloont je trouw.

Soms wordt er vreeslijk op me geknord,
lijkt het of ik opgegeten word,
zit ik in het nauw dan denk ik weer aan jou.
Tekst en muziek: Elly en Rikkert Zuiderveld


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